Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts

Wisdom from Seth Godin, a Blogger

Words of Wisdom from Former Students

  • Add personal touches that give a post personality
  • You can write a factual "story" that not only informs, but entertains
  • Experienced bloggers are able to engage readers with short posts that touch on all the main points that need to be covered while taking up the least amount of time for a reader
  • Successful blogging requires a writing style that is concise, accurate, and most importantly — captivating
  • Keep your posts relatively short and on one topic (versus the other way around: long and many topics)
  • Short and simple sentences make it easier for the reader
  • Long and complicated sentences not only make it difficult to appreciate what you are trying to say, but overwhelms the reader and does not capture their attention
  • Use "white space" well and include hyperlinks when referencing something outside or inside the site
  • Be as genuine as possible
  • The best bloggers tell a story
  • Consistency matters
  • Simple is better
  • The shorter a sentence is, the easier and more likely it is to be remembered
  • Creating shorter paragraphs allows for more "white space", which is visually appealing
  • Keep the reading competency of the blog at an average level that everyone can understand
  • Facts have to be accurate and verifiable using links, charts, etc.
  • Pictures are a key element to creating a visually beautiful and engaging blog
  • Use the "common man's" grammar and syntax to allow for easy reading — as if talking to a friend
  • Don't worry too much about what other people think about your posts. Write what you want.
  • The more passionate I am about my post, the more comments I will receive
  • A picture truly is worth 1000 words
  • Short, simple, and accurate sentences are more effective than mundane long sentences with flowery language
  • Try to be positive as much as possible (negative overtones are not well received by readers)
  • Try to throw in some humor in every post
  • Be yourself and let your personality come through
  • Not only short sentences and short and concise paragraphs are needed, but also the use of blank space and images is a very good tool to give the reader some space and keep them interested
  • Stay true to yourself and your voice and always consider your reader
  • The bottom line is basically "the simpler your blog the better". It may sound boring to some, but you'll get your information across more easily.
  • The final word comes from Ted Leonsis as shared by a student in the class:

"Blogs are one of the next steps in the continuing social dynamic that makes up the online world and they are perhaps the single best device yet invented to spark new conversations and launch new ideas. That's because a blog is not an "echo chamber". A blog can be entertaining, it can be informational, and it can be enlightening. But the most important part of a blog is that it can be activating. It allows others to look at your thoughts and follow your life and then launch their own ideas, comments, and perspectives on what you've seen an done."

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