Mobile Lab

Format: Groups of 4 to 6 students (depending on the number of phones available). One team member must have an internet capable camera cell phone
Goal: To get a taste of mobile social networking using Flickr
Contents: Each team searches for photos to satisfy the "clues" for the scavenger hunt

Get Ready

  1. Form your teams!
  2. One team member creates a Flickr Account (
  3. Set up “Upload by Email” in Flickr ( In the field that says “Add these tags each time” enter "335SPR10"
  4. Join the KSB Photo Safari Group (

Get Set

  1. Enter the email address from #3 above as a contact in your team "game phone"
  2. Take a photo of your team and email it to the contact you just set up
  3. Update your "buddy icon" on flickr with your group photo (
  4. Click on your group photo and make the title "item0". Then select the icon/button (above the photo) that says "Send to Group". Send the photo to the 335SPR10 group.


Be back by 11:15am

It's Not Over Yet

  1. Login to flickr and click "Organize" (All Your Content)
  2. Make sure all your photos have the correct titles (item1 through item10)
  3. Add descriptions to your photos if you think it's helpful
  4. Select all your photos and click "Send to Group". Choose the Group 335SPR10.
  5. Geocode (add Locations) to a few of your photos to see what GPS would have done for you.

The Finale

  1. See everyone’s photos at the Group page
  2. In the search box, type "item1" to see all photos for item1 of the photo safari (and so on)
  3. As a class, we'll pick the winner for each item. The group to get the most winners, wins.

Discussion Questions

  1. How does this activity apply to business?
  2. Cell phones and other devices make interacting online instant and easy. Does this change the way you think about customer service? Marketing? Collaboration?
  3. Photos and video enrich the online experience. Does the combination of instant, easy, and visual provide new opportunities for business?
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