LinkedIn Mini Lab

Activity One

Sign up for LinkedIn

Activity Two

Your profile on LinkedIn® is an online version of your resume. Fill out at least your education and any current/former jobs in your profile. Decide what you want others to see by checking items in “public profile”. Create a custom Public Profile URL, if desired.

Activity Three

Who do you know on LinkedIn®? Find five people you know who already belong to LinkedIn®. Complete this activity by sending them an invitation to connect.

Activity Four

How about looking for me? Search for me and complete this activity by sending me an invitation to connect to your network. Once you are connected, you can see my connections.

Activity Five

LinkedIn has added an "API" which allows other websites to provide access to the information inside the LinkedIn website. One of their partners is BusinessWeek. Go to the Business Week "Industry News" ( and select any article of interest. Find the "Story Tools" box on the article page and click on "linkedin connections". How many connections do you have to people that work at the companies featured in the article? (Note: You have to be signed in to LinkedIn.)

Activity Six (optional but encouraged)

Add a LinkedIn "badge" to your blog.

Choose the "badge" you like best at:
Select the code for the "badge" and copy it so you can use in your blog
Login to, go to the "Dashboard", and click "Layout"
Click "Add a Gadget" in the spot you want the "badge" to appear
Click on the "+" sign to Add "HTML/Javascript"
In the "Configure HTML/JavaScript" window, leave the title blank and paste the code into the "content" section
Click "Save Changes" and view your blog with the new LinkedIn "badge"

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