Facebook Advertising

Activity One: Fan Page Insights

Create a fan page:


Select "Brand, Product, or Organization"
Choose "Professional Service"

Name your page: ITEC335YourLastName

Allow your page to be published immediately

Use Twitter to promote your page to the other students in the class

Become a fan of all the other students in the class

Make your page robust — fill in the information, add a few photos, write on your wall.

Once you have fans, click "view insights" to see what you can discover. As a class, we'll discuss the data available to administrators of Facebook Fan pages.

Activity Two: Advertise on Facebook

Click on "Promote with an Ad"

Create a targeted ad. As you choose different options, the number of people targeted is provided. Come up with a combination that targets roughly 5000 people.

Set a daily budget of $1.00

Click on Advanced Pricing Options

Look at the CPC and CPM. What is the difference between the two methods? Be ready to discuss this as a class.

Put your CPC at .01 (1 penny)

Create the ad by putting in your credit card details (we will remove your advertising account later; you will not be charged.)

Dig into your ad stats:


As a class, we'll discuss the meaning of each of the columns (click, impressions, etc.) in your stats. Be prepared to discuss how you might use a tool like this to determine your advertising strategy.

Activity Three: Remove Your Ad Account

You can permanently close your ad account here:

Click to "Permanently Close Account" (this closes your Ad account and removes the credit card — it does not close your FB account.)

Or you can pause your ad via the ad stats page. Click next to status and select "pause".

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