Ego Search

Lab Activity One

First, read these two articles about the practice of "Ego Surfing":

"Self-Googling" Isn't Just Vanity" (University of Buffalo)

"You're a Nobody Unless Your Name Googles Well" (Wall Street Journal)

Second, go to Google and enter search terms to bring back results about you. You may need multiple parts to the search. For example, to get results about me, I might use:

"nicole melander" oracle OR microsoft OR "american university"

If you need help with syntax, use Google's Advanced Search:

Third, go to Google Alerts and enter these search terms so you'll be notified of new search results:

Done? Now have a little fun: start a "googlefight" with another student in the class:

Lab Activity Two

Search yourself or your friends on "People Search" sites:

Peek You:

If a potential employer used these tools, is this the "brand" you want to promote?

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