Dandelion Marketing


You and your team are tasked with promoting the ebook at http://www.dandelionmarketing.biz In addition to physical downloads of the book, you are tasked with creating "buzz" around the ideas in the book. For this assignment, you will measure your success in creating this "buzz".


As a team, you will:

  1. Define Metrics (How will you determine if you are successful?)
  2. Create 6 to 8 “bets” (Things you will do to promote the ebook)
  3. Execute those 6 to 8 “bets”
  4. Measure & Repeat Steps 1 to 3

One metric shared by all teams will be the number of ebook downloads. To determine the number of downloads, you will use http://www.snipr.com to create a custom URL. You will promote this custom URL and track the results using the reports available on snipr.com.


You have between today and the last class to achieve the objective.


During our last class, each team will present their strategy and results to the customer (Jeremy). Your presentation/discussion will include at least the following elements (in no particular order):

  • A list of the metrics you decided to use and the rationale for selecting these metrics
  • A list of your "bets" with an explanation of each and the rationale for making these "bets"
  • A discussion of what worked and what didn't and your thoughts about the results
  • The number of downloads you achieved (the common metric for the class)

You will make a presentation to Jeremy in class and turn in the presentation to me. Your presentation can be Powerpoint (discouraged), Prezi (http://www.prezi.com), the white board, a wiki site, a demonstration, etc. There a no "rules" except you need to turn something in to me for grading for Assignment #4. Grades will be based on your team presentation to Jeremy and whatever you turn in to me.

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