Conversational Marketing & Brand Management

Explore the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Form groups of 3

Google the following 3 companies:

  • Starbucks
  • United Airlines
  • McDonalds

Look carefully at the search results to determine the source of the information. Is it a website? Is it a blog? Does it come from a social site like Facebook or Twitter? Who is the author? Does the company sanction the information or is it independent?

Now use Bing and Yahoo! to examine the same 3 companies. Do you see differences in the results?

Let's make this "personal". Google (or Bing or Yahoo!) the Kogod School of Business. What do you find? What type of impression is given by the search results?

As a group, discuss the items below. Be prepared to discuss these with the rest of the class.

  • What impact do these search results have on the perception of the brand?
  • Do you think most people who find these sites via a search understand source and authorship?
  • What search results do you think have the most impact on the consumer of the information?
  • What difference does the search engine choice (Google v Yahoo! v Bing) make?
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