Spring 2010 Class Schedule

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Date Topic Lab Reading Due
Jan 13 Introduction to the Course Creating your Blog & Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Tips
Jan 20 Social Capital, Six Degrees, and Social Network Analysis Track Traffic with Google Analytics Reading Blog Posting
Jan 27 Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing, CRM, and Customer Support Check Stats and Twitter Lab Reading Blog Posting
Feb 03 Web2.0 & User Generated Content Guest Speaker (Privacy) Reading Blog Posting
Feb 10 Conversational Marketing CM activity Which Label? and Yelp Lab Reading Blog Posting, Assignment 1
Feb 17 Mobile Social Networking Mobile Lab Reading Blog Posting
Feb 24 Niche Social Networks and Business Networking Check Stats and LinkedIn Mini Lab and Facebook Advertising Lab Reading Blog Posting, Assignment 2
Mar 03 Virtual Marketing and Virtual Worlds Business in the Virtual World Reading Blog Posting
Mar 10 NO CLASSES Spring Break
Mar 17 Never Stop Marketing (Guest Speaker) Dandelion Marketing Lab Reading Blog Posting
Mar 24 Online Collaboration & Virtual Teams Collaboration Lab Reading Blog Posting
Mar 31 Job Search & Recruiting Dandelion Marketing Revisited and The World of Widgets Reading Blog Posting
April 07 Web Analytics Ego Search and Search Engine Optimization Reading Blog Posting, Assignment 3
April 14 Social Media 3.0: What is Next? A Final Look at Google Analytics and Dandelion Marketing Presentation Preparation Reading Blog Posting
April 21 Return on Investment Dandelion Marketing Presentations Reading Blog Posting
May 03 No Class No Lab No Reading Assignment 4
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